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Our mission

We want to revolutionize how gamers discover and connect with indie games. With the power of AI, we've created a place where each chatbot is customized for a single game. It not only helps you find your next gaming obsession but also promotes the incredible work of indie game developers worldwide.

Our story

Aiana was a students' project to create an artificial intelligence chatbot dedicated to gaming. As we met game developers and designers to understand their needs, we were always facing the same problem : most of their games don’t even get to the launching phase. As young entrepreneurs, we know how hard it is to find financial support.

But first and foremost, small businesses found it almost impossible to be seen in a world where hundreds of new games appear each week and where we are drowned in information on social media.

So, we took a turn and decided to dedicate our work to the indie game creators, to create a space where they can meet their people and communicate in a direct, one to one conversation mode.

Our vision

We support authenticity, boldness and creativity. We are passionate about indie games and want to create a place where gamers can discover new gems. We want to get the best of both worlds, between the power of community and the proximity of a one to one conversation.

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