What is Aiana ?

Aiana is a mobile app that lets you discover indie video games throught IA chatbots. Each chatbot is created by the game developer. You can get hints and tips about a game or discover its world before the game launches. You can also donate money to the games you love most to contribute to the development process.

How does the donation feature work ?

The donation system enables users to support indie game developers by contributing funds through the Aiana platform. In the donation section, you can choose to donate the equivalent of a coffee, a pizza, or enter directly your amount in the app.

How is my donation redistributed to the game creator ?

The goal of the donation system is to support indie games and contribute to the development of Aiana’s artificial intelligence. Aiana uses Stripe to secure and process your donation. When you donate on the app, 70% of the amount goes to the game creator, 27% goes to Aiana, and 3% goes to Stripe.

Are donations tax-deductible ?

Donations made through Aiana are not tax-deductible, as they are considered voluntary contributions to support indie game developers and are not associated with a registered charity or nonprofit organization.

Can I trust the payment security within the app ?

All payments on Aiana are processed by Stripe to secure and distribute your donation. We do not collect any credit card information. For payment inquiries, you can contact directly Stripe or contact us.

Can anyone create an Aiana chatbot ?

Any game creator can create a customized chatbot for their game on Aiana Studio.